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The human body is very complex and our brains are the most complex organs we have ever known. The brain performs a lot of processing to ensure nervous coordination and body functions are done as required. In between the many conversations, movements, activities and work, we are bound to get exhausted and sometimes frustration can creep in. This slows down our brain functions and can lead to lowered concentration/focus. Fortunately, there is a way of boosting brain activities and nervous system to improve our focus. Concentration essentials is a product specifically meant for this purpose and feature various ingredients to ensure maximum attentiveness.

Concentration essentials are basically capsules manufactured using natural herbal/vegetable ingredients to improve brain function and focusing. This medication was originally meant for patients of ADHD and ADD to improve their focus. However,their usage has overlapped to cover regular consumption for better concentration in completing assigned tasks. The drug has various effects that include producing a calmer mind state, distracting fidgeting and restlessness as well as promoting better focus and concentration. The capsules can be administered to both children and adults. Children below 15 years should take one capsule thrice a day while adults should take two capsules in the same frequency.

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There are nine major ingredients used in manufacturing concentration essentials. The herbal formula, made of various vegetables and herbs, has no side effects, although you may choose to consult a doctor for further clarification. The main ingredients include Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Ginger, Skullcap, Ginseng, Cinnamon Gui Zhi, Red Jujube, Chamomile flower and Bupleurum. Ginko Biloba is an old herb that has been used by Chinese for many of years to enhance cell energy. It promotes the flow of blood to the brain and enhances the rate of glucose metabolism. The brain is fed with flavonoids that induce synaptic transmissions thus resulting in intellectual alertness, better concentration and memory. Ginseng enhances one’s energy amounts and cognitive capacity. Additionally, it is used to stop anxiety, reduce emotional behavior and enlightening mind perception. Cinnamon is known to increase blood flow to the brain whereas Gotu Kola boosts mental capacity and reduces stress. Skullcap is a leaf used in treating a broad spectrum of nervous system conditions like headaches, epilepsy, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. Chamomile is an ancient flower known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to sooth/calm over-excited nerves. Bupleurum is the most important Chinese herb used for various remedies including liver protection, fever reduction, as a sedative, analgesic and blood cleanser. Red Jujube helps in promoting restfulness and healthy sleep.


There are many advantages of using concentration essentials especially since they are made from an herbal formula. However, each product has its benefits and disadvantages which are used in future development of better, more efficient solutions. The pros of this concentration enhancer are as follows;

  • Augmented brain capacity, functions and perception
  • Stabilized biochemical processes in the body
  • Increased blood flow and supply to the brain
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and hypertension
  • Calmness, attentiveness and motivation to complete tasks
  • Promotes concentration and supports memory functions
  • Has no stimulants, synthetics or chemicals thus offering a safer alternative


  • Apparently, the manufacturer does not mention any side effects of the drug, although it is yet to be FDA approved.
  • Some of the herbs used are also known to have varying side effects.

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How it works

Concentration essentials are manufactured to work in a holistic approach by improving the overall brain and nervous system functions. The herbs are used in various processes and each has its own contributions. From increased blood supply to improved energy levels, enhanced metabolism and controlled emotions, this formula tackles the major functions that deal with concentration. By increasing blood circulation to the brain, enhancing glucose metabolism and inducing synaptic transmissions, the brain is able to achieve a better focus. The ingredients used in boosting energy levels also ensures the body and brain have optimum functional energy supply.


Although the FDA had not yet approved concentration essentials, they are perfect alternatives to other forms of treatment. These capsules have no reported side effects and most users have testified to positive results. The effects can be seen as early as two weeks, although doctors say full results will be acknowledged within the first month. They are used for both adults and children, coming in a bottle package that contains 90 capsules at $29.95.

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