How Can I Whiten My Teeth ?

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As it turns out, a major dental problem for most people is not any cavity or tartar and other such devastating problems. These are hardly worrying anymore since they can be solved with advanced dental treatment methods. But people are fast becoming worried about the problems like stains and marks on their teeth. These stains may take place if people do not brush their teeth carefully enough. Thus, the stains and marks on teeth will remain and at times, it is difficult to remove them all. Thus, you might be wondering how to whiten your teeth? Here is a full guide on some effective remedies.

There are some fairly effective medicines and other artificial solutions to whiten your teeth. You can use tooth powder which will help to remove the harsh stains from the surfaces of teeth. Also, there are some other pastes and creams which will help to remove the harsh stains and marks from teeth. Some of the recent toothbrushes are also equipped with tough bristles which will help to remove the stains and marks which will help to clean out the stains and marks accumulated in the teeth. Thus, such artificial means are to be preferred.

A visit to dentist would prove to be advisable as well. This is because the dentist would be able to identify the real cause of the stains and marks on your teeth. They would be able to prescribe the right treatment for such stains and marks. A dentist would be able to know which are the toothpastes and powders which will help to remove the stains without any side effects and adversities. Thus, you need to get your teeth checked by the doctor as to know what real problem with your teeth is. A visit to the dentist is hugely recommended for you when facing harsh stains and marks.

There are some assured and assumedly foolproof methods for whitening your teeth and removing the stains and marks. One is the cure of baking soda. This is usually considered as a bit drastic remedy for curing your teeth stains. However, if used properly, the baking soda can help to remove most of the stains from teeth. Thus, a moderate amount of this compound will help to remove the harsh stains and marks from the teeth. Thus, you can use baking soda as a sure-fore solution for removing the stains from your teeth and gums and making them look cleaner and whiter.

Lemons and salt are also considered as effective remedies for removing stains from the white surfaces of the teeth. It has been now found out that using lemon and salt can damage the enamel of your teeth. So, these solutions are no longer any more effective or completely safe. When using baking soda, one can mix hydrogen peroxide as well. The resulting mix can be used to remove the stains and marks from teeth. However, hydrogen peroxide, if used wrongly, can have disastrous consequences. Thus, baking soda can alone prove to be useful in cleaning the marks and stains of your teeth.

The dentists and doctors would also prescribe some radical treatment methods to get your teeth cleaned effectively. The treatments include removing the stained enameling of the teeth and replacing it with brand new enamel. This treatment helps to make the teeth look shinier and cleaner as well. On the other hand, another major treatment is to get the teeth treated with shining or whitening strips. These whitening strips soak in the stains and marks. Then, they can remove all the stains from the teeth and it will look better as well. Thus, such treatments will be effective.

It is also important for one to brush his or her teeth regularly. At least for three times, one should rigorously brush his teeth and make sure that he cleans out all the food particles accumulated in the teeth. This can be done with using a good paste with strong cleansing properties and a solid toothbrush as well. Also flossing your teeth is also recommended. You should also cultivate the habits of rinsing your mouth with water after every meal. Thus, if you do such things, your teeth will remain white and clean for a long time in the future.

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