How To Build Muscle Safely and Effectively

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In men, acquiring developed muscles is a plus not just in their health, but in their self esteem and self confidence. Most people see men with huge muscles as strong and manly. This perception can be factors for a woman to be attracted to a man. In view of these and all other reasons, several ways were developed to help men on how to build muscle.

Natural ways of building muscles include going to the gym and doing weight lifting exercises. However, with today’s society where everybody is busy doing their job, among many other important things, going to the gym can be a struggle. This has lead to the creation of several products that can effectively help build muscles.

Although, steroids have been a product used for building muscles, it is highly illegal and can disqualify a sports player when proven guilty of illegal use. Steroids are medically indicated to suppress the body’s immune system for people with autoimmune disorders and the muscle building effect is only a side effect. Steroids usually increase the hormone androgen, which is responsible for fat distribution and deposition in the body, which seems to make the person appear to have developed muscles, but in reality, underneath it are fats.

The use of steroids is also very expensive and it comes with several other side effects. One of which is the alteration of the immune system responses, making the user more susceptible to infection. Another side effect is the alteration of the adrenal gland function, which could lead to inability to respond to physical stress and many other physiological body changes.

With today’s great innovations, the use of steroids for one to build muscles is slowly being eliminated and perhaps, someday will be forgotten. Instead of using steroids, a new compound known as nitric oxide or NO, has been discovered by scientists and medical researchers. This compound has proven to aid in helping the body build muscles.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is used in the medical field as a potent vasodilator. As a vasodilator, it dilates the blood vessels by making them relax, making it easier for blood which carries nutrients and oxygen to travel to the different areas of the body. With increased nutrient and oxygen supply, the area would become developed and improved.

XtremeNOWhen one performs exercises, the body produces nitric oxide on its own. This is the reason why the person who exercises develops muscles. The only problem is the amount of nitric oxide the body produces is only in small quantities. As a result, the person who exercises would need to exercise for months or years for him to see good results. This is why the medical researchers and scientists have thought of a way for one to increase the amount of nitric oxide in his body, thus, making the muscle building effect faster than by doing exercises alone.

The compound was also proven to have other positive effects in the body which includes the following:

  • It can boost the immune system.
  • It enhances strength and endurance.
  • It maximizes full body recovery.
  • It can provide a day-long perpetual release.
  • It can improve the capacity load of the body essential in performing body building exercises.

Several nitric oxide supplements have been presented in the market and one of which is the product Xtreme NO. It contains 2000mg of arginine, which is the nitric oxide produced by plants. As mentioned earlier, by increasing the amount of nitric oxide circulating in the body, the muscles are able to receive more amounts of nutrients and oxygen. It also contains several compounds essential for muscle building that includes dicalcium phosphate.

The user of the product is to take two tablets 30-60 minutes prior to performing exercises. It could be taken on an empty stomach or with food if gastric irritation occurs with first use. Before using the product, one has to consult his physician if he has a kidney disease or taking any other medication. For a woman who wants to develop muscles and would like to use the product, she should also consult her physician if she is pregnant or lactating.

Xtreme NO is a product that can successfully assist an individual gain muscles if the person is willing to do his part. To build real muscles, one has to put in a small amount of effort in diet and lifestyle modification. Exercises are still helpful since supplements are not magic pills. If you follow all of these, Xtreme NO can perform wonders in helping you achieve that perfect amount of good-looking muscles in your body.

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