How To Lose Belly Fat Fast And Easy At Home For Women

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how to lose belly fat fastThere are many ways to become slender and more beautiful. However, the hardest thing is to follow all recommendations and tips regularly. You should keep yourself in shape every day and spend some time on your body. Women are especially sad about their bellies as pregnancy and excess kilos make them look unattractive. However, it is possible to make this body part look nicer and tighter.

The main ways to lose belly fat include:

Rule#1 – jump with a rope. It is a good habit to jump 100 times a day with a rope. It takes little time but lifts the spirits and helps to lose belly. Just spend 15 minutes per day on jumping and you will make sure that your abdominal muscles will change for better. Even if you like to eat fried meat and pastry, jumping with a rope will release you from the “fat trap”.

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Dance – moving is weight loss. Everybody knows that motion is the key to weight loss. Therefore, it is necessary to be constantly in motion, but after a hard day of work you want to relax and feel so exhausted that simple active exercises seem to be tortures. In order to combine business with pleasure you can start to dance. You just have to dance for an hour without thinking of your troubles and you will lose about 600-800 calories depending on the type of dancing. Choose hot Spanish and Latin-American dances. They are the best for your body. Buy CDs with dancing courses. They are commonly simple to understand and easy to learn.

Appetite comes with eating, and saturation – after. It is a proven fact that appetite can come with food and before eating. But the rational sense of saturation does not come immediately. You feel the satiety only 20 minutes after eating. Therefore, eat small portions and don’t hurry up! Enjoy the meal; chew it more than 20 times. When 20 minutes pass, ask yourself whether you are hungry or not. It is also a good way to become full and eat less if you use a small spoon for eating.

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Getting rid of fat foods doesn’t mean being hungry. Remember that foods can be replaced. For instance, you can buy dietarian sausages instead of smoked, a creamy cake may be replaced by yogurt, fat sour cream – by low-fat, burger – by healthy homemade hamburger with greenery and cucumbers. Avoid eating stewed food, namely the one that you cook in large quantities of oil. Prefer steamed vegetables and boiled meat. Drink milk but in small quantities and low-fat.

Go to the sauna! In fact, if you want to lose weight, you need to take several sessions of sauna. Use brooms for the better effect. Buy an oak broom (it is expensive but brings good results). Wash in warm and cool water in turns. You will see that your pores are open and tons of sweat pour from them. You lose weight and belly fat, be sure!

Meal preparation and nutrition. It is important to prepare for the mealtime. It is not difficult to do. To begin with, prepare a glass of room temperature water and drink it 30-15 minutes before meals. A little later, you should drink a glass of hot water with several drops of lemon juice. Because of this you will already be a little sated for dinner, lemon juice stimulates metabolism and helps to remove toxins from the body. Pay attention to how you eat: watching TV or talking? Stop it! It is better to eat alone or in silence. Then you can quickly understand that you are full and don’t need to eat any more.

As you see, belly fat is not a catastrophe. You will get better and quicker results if visit a gym where a fitness coach will instruct you. But most women have no time for this. Therefore, recommendations on how to lose belly fat at home are always hot and demanded.

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