How To Reduce Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise For Women

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Belly Fat DietDiets are one of the integral part of the life of most women. The fact is that modern ladies are on rigid diets that are rather harmful for their health. Who does invent diets and which of them are safe? Is there any effective belly fat diet? It will be a real paradise if women could have enjoyed all types of foods and stayed slim and attractive.

Best way to lose belly fat. This is one of the most famous and popular diets in the world. Above all, buckwheat diet is also very simple. You can lose 5 pounds a week with the help of the diet.

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Being on this diet, you will have to eat buckwheat all week long. However, without salt, sugar, butter, spices and so on. Besides buckwheat you can drink low-fat yogurt, no more than a liter a day and eat fruit, but not much. If you’re always complaining of your cooking abilities, here you do not have to: you will not need to cook buckwheat, just fill it with boiling water in the evening, and next morning you can eat it. So, you consume buckwheat as much as you want and can and drink a liter of water. You can drink a cup of coffee and green tea with mint extract. Despite the rigidity of the diet, you can easily lose 5 pounds, which is especially important before the holidays. This belly fat diet doesn’t affect your health because buckwheat is very important and nutritious. However, you cannot do it always. Make a pause and eat meat, fish and vegetables in order not to destroy your organism with limitations.

This diet lasts longer than the buckwheat one. Its period is 10 days, but it is extremely useful, especially for people who have to undergo surgery. This cabbage diet is not only wholesome but also quite simple. You can lose weight decently, with special efforts, and up to 10 pounds. Make your menu diverse. Cabbage salads, stewed cabbage, fresh cabbage. To prepare a cabbage salad you will need finely chopped cabbage, fresh carrots and onions. It is best to choose lemon juice or olive oil for the filling of cabbage salad. The main thing is not to use spices and additives. You are allowed to add one egg, 100 grams of veal and a little piece of low-fat fish or chicken. Coffee is prohibited, but you can drink herbal tea without sugar. If you like cabbage soup, then boil cabbage or cabbage stew and shift it into boiling water, add paprika, carrots, herbs and simmer for half an hour.

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You can make the diet more interesting and tasty. Thanks to kefir & apple diet, you lose 3 pounds in 3 days. In theory such a diet is low in calories and helps to become slimmer before a great event, for example, the wedding. But this diet is tough and can be tried by strong and stubborn people only. Within 3 days you can eat apples and drink low-fat kefir but no more than a liter of kefir and at most one kilogram of apples. Apples should be fresh, but savory. You also can drink infusions of herbs, black coffee with no additives and green tea. The complexity of the diet is in its ending: you shouldn’t eat fatty meal in the morning on the fourth day. You should only add low-fat cottage cheese and fruit to the diet. On the fifth day, you can eat cereal with milk and sugar.

Which belly fat diet you choose is your own decision only. But if you have serious health problems like diabetes, kidney or liver failure, stomach sores or something similar, you should consult a doctor before starting. It is also important to know that diets are more effective if you do physical exercises. 30-50 minutes a day for jumping, swimming, running or playing ball games will give brilliant results, so your friends will envy your tough belly!

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