The Effects of the Morning Coffee Cup On Your Brain

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That one cup of morning coffee works as an instant eye-opener for you and you feel amazing instantly after having your wonderful morning coffee. That unmistakable smell and delectable taste are the main reasons you can’t resist yourself from having that cup.

But have you ever wondered what is that something about coffee which has this amazing and pleasing impact on your mind ?

This wonderful video from AsapSCIENCE explains the amazing phenomenon behind that and how caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline. It also talks about how coffee keeps you happy and cheerful by preventing the reabsorption of dopamine by your brain.

But here is a little sign of warning for all the coffee addicts. Although its less impactful, the adrenaline-stimulating nature of caffeine puts an impact on your brain exactly the same way as cocaine.

So, if you skip your morning coffee, you will end up finding yourself in a coffee withdrawal by the middle of the day.

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