Top 11 Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer

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Many people believe that there are no healthy reasons to drink beer. If you are one of them; you are wrong. There have been numerous research findings that have proved for a fact that beer is good for your health. All these research findings come with a caveat though; beer has to be taken in moderation. Thus there are healthy reasons to drink beer in moderation, they include but not limited to;

Strengthening your bones

Beer usually contains some large amounts of silicon, which is closely linked to strong bones and good bone health. Older men who drink one or two beers a day usually have a higher bone density; although more than 2 drinks will have the opposite effect and increase the risk of getting fractures. Pale ale is quite rich in silicon whereas light lagers contain the least amount of silicon.

Gives you a stronger heart

Studies have shown that people who take a pint of beer on a daily basis had a reduced risk of suffering from a heart disease. This is because beer increases the level of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which is termed as good cholesterol. It reduces the tendency of blood arteries getting clogged. The key word again is moderation because the same studies show that the risk of heart diseases increases with increased levels of beer intake.

Reduced Amounts of kidney and Gall Stones

Studies have shown that every pint of beer drank daily by a male, does lower the chances of developing kidney stones by a whopping 40%. The hops that are used in most beers do help to prevent the loss of calcium from bones; the calcium lost from bones usually ends up in the kidneys.

Gives you a much healthier brain

Yes, a beer a day does keep brain impairment at bay by around 35%. There is a lower risk of dementia in moderate drinkers. There have also been studies that have suggested that a drink or two a day by women might be linked to enhanced cognitive function; they ended up scoring at the very least eighteen months younger on mental skills than women of the same age who are non drinkers.

Helps prevent Stroke

Ischemic stroke is one of the most common types of stroke; it is basically a stroke that emanates from blood clot. A moderate level of beer intake does help prevent blood clots in the neck, heart and brain. Beer does thin the blood and increase blood circulation in the brain; this prevents tiny blood clots that are the leading cause of silent strokes.

Provides lots of Vitamins

Beers generally have vitamin B12 and B6. The drink also has folic acid and some significant levels of biotin, magnesium, potassium, selenium etc. Thus in good moderation, beer forms a part of a really wholesome meal for every adult.

It reduces the risk of Diabetes

Studies have been carried out that have shown that middle aged men who took a maximum of two beers a day reduced their chances of developing type two diabetes by 25%. This was due to the fact that beer does enhance the sensitivity levels of insulin; this does protect against type 2 diabetes.

Beer provides fiber

Malted barley has some cell walls that are full of fiber. One liter of beer will provide around 50% to 60% of the daily recommended intake that you may require. Thus a beer or two will assist in providing some fiber, which is good for your digestive system.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that moderate drinkers especially women in the age band of 25 to 40 are less likely to develop instances of high blood pressure. This is very good news as it means that not only wine has this effect on the heart but beer too.

Help in dealing with Insomnia

Beer has some moderate amounts of nicotinic acid and Lactoflavin; these two elements have been known to promote sleep. Studies have also shown that hops; which is a key component of beer is also a natural sedative.

You may just live longer

Due to the lowered chances of diabetes, heart ailments and strokes for moderate drinkers; it can be factually proved that there are people who live longer for the very simple reason that they are moderate drinkers and have managed to keep several ailments at bay.

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